Miriam Schustack

5th Dimension Site Director

Professor, California State U San Marcos

     We started out with a pretty low end array of equipment.  A lot of it was donated.  Often it was donated because it really wasn’t useful anymore to the people who had owned it.  We got a lot of Apple IIs, even some Radio Shack TRS 80s and machines that were really well beyond their useful time.  What we did from that point was to try to build up what we had partly by buying equipment, although most of the equipment we bought, except for a few more high end machines, almost everything we bought was used. We also have some amount of equipment in the room that belongs to the university that is on kind of indefinite loan from the university to the program and that was very helpful also because that equipment not only allowed us to not only beef up the store of computer that we had but also we get a lot support from the university technical staff in troubleshooting for us.