S= Sonia;  L = Larry

1  S: OK, You know how to play this?
2  L: No, uh-huh. What do you do?
3  S: (Picks up a picture and starts move it around the screen as she talks.) Try to find the name, the name that says -- Hmmmm. Do we put it up here? Over here? (Places first picture in top left space.)
4  L: The name that fits with the picture?
5   S: Look we've got to put it right here in the blanks, OK?  (Places a second picture in space immediately below first picture.
6  L: OK. What's that one? (Points to screen.)

  7  S: Martillo.

  8  L: This is ahhhh?

  9  S: Nina.  (Places third picture below the second, completing one

column of pictures.)

10  L: What is that?

11  S: Naranja. (Places another picture at top of next column.)  See what

I'm doing? (Places another picture below the previous one.) And then I take

them off, and then I do it again. OK.

12  L: Ahh.

13  S: Pajaro, pajaro. (Places another picture below the previous one,

completing second column.)

14  L: Ahhh.

15  S: Let's do this.

16  L: But...

17  S: you see what I'm doing? (Places another picture in new column.)

18  L: Isn't the name supposed to go with the picture?

19  S: You can do it any way you want to.