1  L: So what does it, what are you supposed to do, I still don't, I mean

like you put the pictures in the places, but

  2  S: And then, then some stay OK?  (Moves picture into space.)

  3  L: Some stay, OK

  4  S: OK, you don't get my, you don't get me huh? I'm a Spanish speaker

and an English speaker. You don't even know.

  5  L: Detras de means...?

  6  S: What? What did you say?

  7  L: Detras de, that means...?

  8  S: Atras.

  9  L: Detras.

10  S: This.

11  L: Behind right?

12  S: Yep, behind. Behind, behind.  (Moves picture into space.)  Now what, tell me this one.  (Points to a blank.)

13  L: That one?

14  S: Yeah, but tell me what is it.

15  L: It means on.

16  S: On.

17  L: Right?

18  S: Ooooohhh, I don't know, but this, but this is it.

19  L: This one?

20  S: Uh-huh.

21  L: Areadedor.

22  S: La...Que?

23  L: Al...areadedor, this means around? Right?

24  S:  (Moves picture into space.)  Yeah.

25  L: Yeah.

26  S: Is it there?   (Moves picture into space.)Oh, uh, I got to take this back.  (Takes picture out.)  Oh good, I took it.

out. Like this, I'm going to put that one there.   (Moves picture into space.)

27  L: Oh, right.  OK.  I get it.