S: Come on, tell me what that one says.  Here.

L: That one?  It is this one, no this one.

S: OK. Whatever you say.  (Moves picture into space.)  Is this your first time being here?

L: Yeah, I'm new.

S: You're new?  (Place final picture.  Some drop down.)  Let's try, no we already tried, let's try this one because...

L: Oh, romper.  (Moves picture into space.)  This one, oh that makes sense.

S: This one's a hard one, a hard one. 

L: Yeah.

S: Now this one?

L: En...

S: En, en let's try that one.  (Moves picture into space.)

L: Yeah that one. Cause you're inside?

S: Yeah.  (Places last picture, and the picture animate.)

L: Yeah. And delante.

S &L: Cool!