UG = undergraduate, L = Lisa

  1 UG: Multiples of two.

  2 L: (Munches a two, moves two spaces right then munches another two, then moves one more space for a third two.)

  3 UG: Yummy (laughs).

  4 L: (inaudible)

  5 UG: Do you? Huh? (inaudible)

  6 L: (Skips over an eight and a ten, then munches a two.)

  7 UG: Ten, not three, uh oh.

  8 L: (Skips over three.  Keeps moving her character around the screen.)

  9 UG: OK what else does-- Is ten a factor of two, a multiple of two?

10 L: I don't know.

11 UG: If you multiply five times two, you get ten. So ten is a multiple of two. So you can eat all the tens.

12 L: (Passes over some tens.)  Should I eat tens?

13 UG: Yes!

14 L: (Eats a ten.)

15 UG: Uh-oh. Great troggle man is coming!

16 L: (Moves her character away, passing over eights).

17 UG: Do you know how to count by two?

18 L: (Shakes her head from sides to side.)

19 UG: No? OK, well even numbers are multiples of two: so ten and six and eight also.  They are all multiples of two.