1 L: (Moves around and munches several threes.) Uhhh.

  2 UG: And then, what's three plus three?  Do you know what three plus three


  3 L: No.

  4 UG: No, OK. (Orienting to the number line and referencing her open hand) Now one, two, three, four, five, six.  And then three more fingers, so three and three is six, right?

  5 L: (Nods)

  6 UG: So you can eat all the sixes too.

  7 L: (Moves around the screen , eating sixes.)

  8 UG: Uh-oh, red troggle man.

  9 UG: OK now, so what's six plus three?  So you have six. (Laying out six

fingers.) What's three more? (Lays three more fingers out.)  How many is


10 L: (Moves her hand and lips, but not counting out loud) Seven.

11 UG: No.

12 GS: Count them all.

13 UG: Eight.

14 GS: Go like this.  (Leans across the keyboard toward UG and L and taps UG's fingers.) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

15 UG: So can you get all the nines?