1 UG: OK,  now you need to do eight plus four.  Now you have eight.  (Lays out eight fingers.)  Then four more. (Lays out one hand and taps her first finger) Nine.

  2 L: Ten,  eleven, twelve. (L begins looking for twelves.) Uhh?

  3 UG: Hey!  There are no twelves in there!

  4 GS: Maybe you can gradually have it so that she does it on her own hands. Cause that's, well, closer to memory that way.  Besides, her fingers are so cute.

  5 UG: (Laughs.) Cute little fingers.  OK what's twelve plus four?

  6 L: (Puts her hands on her leg.)

  7 UG: Now put down four fingers.  Right.  Yeah.  Then count: twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen.  So sixteen, that's one six.