Scott Woodbridge

5th Dimension Site Director

Graduate Student, UC Santa Barbara

    Oh, the role of the wizard!  Supposedly supposed to remove authority from the site.  If there are problems computers, problems with games, there are behavior problems, you can write to the wizard.  You can ask the wizard for help. The wizard in theory is supposed to know everything about the 5th Dimension, supposed to be able to help children negotiate their role in the activity, help the undergraduate negotiate their role in the activity.  And I would say in a lot of cases the wizard succeeds in doing this, but in a lot of cases still I think a lot of authority falls on the site coordinators at site, just to maintain activity from day to day.  I don't think the kids who are participating think that the site coordinator has all the power.  They still believe the wizard does.  But I would say a lot of the burden falls on the site coordinator.