Tanya Taylor

5th Dimension Site Coordinator

Student, California State U San Marcos

     Of course, everyone wants to know who the wizard is.  The wizard is just the wizard who lives out in cyberspace.  And the kids even say, ďOh youíre the wizardĒ or ďWhoís the wizard, and who is he or who is she?Ē  And I think it really acts Ė itís just this entity out there that the kids can, they donít have any attachment, theyíre not going to be judged by it or anything, just someone they can talk to and itís great for the kids that they have this outlet.  But itís also great because they get this chance to improve their typing skills, their writing skills, and they have this pal that they can say I know the wizard, they wrote to me, he or she wrote to me this great long letter.  But there is this thing, they do have this thing about gender.  Is it a boy or is it a girl?  A lot of times if they donít accept that itís a he or a she, itís usually a he, just because a wizard is presented with that beard and a male a lot of the time. Thatís only if they accept that itís not one of us.  And thatís the great thing about live chat.  Because if we have a party or something like that we have live chats, and the kids get to go online with the wizard, and all of us are here, so itís not us.