Because writing is an important activity in the 5th Dimension and the only way to contact the Wizard is through writing electronic messages, having a modem and communication software is a very good idea.  Just how you use the communication equipment will depend upon other parts of the system that you build. You may want to make one of your computers serve as a bulletin board system (BBS) where children "meet" the Wizard and other children.  You may be lucky enough to have a local university willing to help you out by giving you an account to access the Internet, a global network, so that you can write to other 5th Dimension sites far away.

    The theoretical goal of the Wizard is to promote childrenís development both cognitively and socially.  The Wizard helps the child identify problems, form goals, and evaluate and solve the problems that they have chosen to work on.  The Wizardís specialized occupation reflects the adultsí desire to promote learning and social development among the children and the undergraduate Wizard Assistants. 

The Wizard is sometimes interpreted as an authoritarian figure because the Wizard is the controlling agent of the 5th Dimension.  In reality, the Wizard is a well-meaning, forgetful, creation of joint pretending and hard work who has the effect of disarming traditional adult authority.  The Wizard embodies the rules of the 5th Dimension and in this sense controls the child's journey through the 5th Dimension, but is also always on the childís side.  The children are always welcome to enter discussions about the rules, which constantly evolve.