Michael Cole

5th Dimension Site Director

Professor, UC San Diego

I think the first thing you have to realize if you're going to start a 5th Dimension course is that it is something that has to run the entire academic year, and you have to get agreement from you college or university that you are going to do that.  Because I think it's probably obvious but, because the community goes through a lot of trouble to get the site up and going them selves, and you can't just sort of run the course when you feel like it.  It is difficult very often to get a university to commit itself to doing a course like this every year all year long.  What kind of difficulty that is going to be, is going to depend upon how your local institution sees your mission. So some of the 5th Dimensions are in places where community service and student involvement in the community already have a very high priority.  And in that case you are probably going to have an easier time than if you are in a place that views itself as a research institution and where professors come and go.