Cody Sandifer

5th Dimension Site Director

Graduate Student, San Diego State University

     Only that it's a little more rigid, where we're stuck -- you know, there are only certain times they can have 5th Dimension.  It's been a tough matching especially with maybe the UCSD students' schedules with when they can have 5th Dimension here.  We've had to do  a lot of switching around like that.  It's also been hard because when they introduce 5th Dimension to a classroom, they don't want to do it in just a single third grade classroom or a single fourth grade.  They want to go ahead and introduce it into all of fourth grade or all of fifth grade, just to keep the parity between the classes so some people aren't afraid that they're not having 5th Dimension and some of them are.  So in some cases I think that's created kind of a staffing problem to start out with, since we did introduce it in all of fourth and fifth grade.  We don't necessarily have the staffing at UCSD from my class to cover that.  Which is why the parents have been so helpful.  And of course they want us to be expanding.  That's another thing.  They would love us to go into second and third grade.  But there's no way I can handle any more people in my classroom, since I'm doing all the teaching and all the grading and everything else.  If they can provide more people, we can do that.  Or if there is another class like mine offered.  But other than that, that's why we're kind of maxed out as we are right now. They would love for us to expand, but it's not happening.