Whittier is a town located in East Los Angeles County that houses a predominantly Latino community as well as a college community associated with Whittier College.  The Fifth Dimension site at Whittier is a collaboration  between Whittier College and the Whittier Boys and Girls Club, and was founded by Don Bremme, a professor in the Whittier Department of Education.  The Whittier site is characterized by a high degree of commitment from the college, which values community service programs for its students, and which has supported the Fifth Dimension through work study grants, technical support, and support of Dr. Bremme's courses and time on the project.  In addition, the Whittier site has been supported since 1995 by a grant from the local McCabe foundation, which enables eight undergraduates to be hired as site staff.  The site is thus unusually well staffed, with both paid staff and students in the associated course available to work with kids and coordinate various aspects of site.  Backed additionally by the enthusiastic support of the Boys and Girls club, the Whittier site is a model for a sustainable and fully supported Fifth Dimension program.