Michael Cole

5th Dimension Site Director

Professor, UC San Diego

     I can tell you what I did, which was to go to initially a variety of institutions in the town that we work in, near the university, where the people in the community were already providing after school care for children in one way or another: a childcare center, a library, a Boys and Girls Club, the elementary school itself.  And I would go to some responsible person in that institution and say, “Look, I'm interested in having a university course that brings undergraduates out, who will be supervised and we would like to be able to work with kids and computers, and we have a way of doing it that has a history,” and tell them a little bit about that.  And say, “Are you interested in us trying to do that?”  And I tell them right at the very beginning, that, at the start, perhaps we can provide them with some of the resources that they will need to do it -- a couple of the computers, access to electronic mail or to the Internet -- that, over time, we want to get into a balanced, 50/50 relationship between, in my case, the University, and the community institution.  So that the idea that we're in this together in the long run and that neither side is doing a favor for the other side.  Or, another way to put it is that both sides are doing a favor for the other side, that is, it's reciprocal.