Each new Fifth Dimension requires a lot of regular communication between the college or university  or other educational institution that serves  the site and the community institution that will become the place where the older peers meet with the children.   Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA's church centers, schools and other types of community institutions have made ideal partners for starting Fifth Dimensions.  These institutions already serve children and have historically been interested in implementing new ideas to interest and attract children that parents approve of.  

It is central to the Fifth Dimension approach to see community institutions as partners, not as passive "recipients of outreach".  These sites provide college and university partners with access to a "living laboratory"  of space and time with children and other community members engaged in learning and play. Community members thus contribute resources and gain resources through participating in a Fifth Dimension. Because these systems grow through dynamic relations of exchange,  the unidirectional term  "outreach" ( something the university does "to" the community) can be replaced by a " bridge" of collaboration which is  constructed and traversed bi-directionally