La Clase Mágica [The Magical Class], also known as LCM, is an innovation of the 5D model, especially designed to serve a language minority population.  LCM builds on the theoretical and organizational structure of the Fifth Dimension by extending the effort to a Spanish-speaking community, a broader age group (pre-schoolers, adolescents, and adults) and a third institution, the family.  The focus on a linguistic minority population and a life-span approach engenders an action-oriented initiative that seeks to change the way the university and community institutions serve a minority constituency.  Stringing the series of the age-specific contexts that constitute the broader LCM effort--Mi Clase Mágica (for pre-school children attending the Head Start Program on which LCM is located), La Clase Mágica (the focused group of elementary school-aged children), the Wizard Assistant Club (the club within a club for adolescent children), La Gran Dimension (for adults/parents from the community) as well as the undergraduate course, establishes a pipeline approach to academic achievement in public school and the under-representation of minorities in higher education.  It positions a Mexican origin community in a leading role in securing educational resources and institutional support for its local children and their families as well as facilitates the university's abilities to provide its faculty and students with new understandings and practice in culturally relevant research, pedagogy and service.

For more information on the adaptations that La Clase Mágica has made, and how to start a bilingual/bicultural site, see the _La Clase Mágica How To Guide_, in the supporting materials section.