Michael Cole

5th Dimension Site Director

Professor, UC San Diego.

The minimum you need to run a site, in terms of personnel is one person who is a site coordinator who is not afraid of computers, has some familiarity with computers and who can be there to see that the kids are treated in a way that's consistent with the values of that institution.  Because coming from the university, it's different when we go to St. Leo's Mission, than when we go to the Boys and Girls Club.  And I don't want to tell that institution how we're supposed to behave in their living room so to speak.  So you need to have at least something like a site coordinator who's running the thing.   It could be from the university.  It could be from the local site.  I think its a very good idea to have one person who is a backup.  Because site coordinators catch a cold.  Site coordinators move away.  In order to have continuity of the knowledge, it's good to have a backup person.  You donít need to start with a backup person, but you want to have in mind pretty early on that youíre going to have a backup person.