Tanya Taylor

5th Dimension Site Coordinator

Student, California State U San Marcos.

I do a lot of maintenance.  Because a lot of supplies are needed for the 5th Dimension whether it be from disks and maintaining that we have backup copies of all our games, make sure that the computers are functioning well, cleaning the room, make sure you have enough cruddy creatures for the kids, name tags just basic maintenance as far as that goes.  When the site is running, you are – the site coordinator, I try to, now that Barbara is here, leave that to her – acts as “the heavy” basically the disciplinarian of the room.  Because we try to keep the interaction between the Wizard Assistant and the children very friendly and non authoritative.  So if something starts going wrong, they start saying, “I’m not going to do this,” or something like that.  You just say “Well, I’ll have to tell Barbara” and then they know that’s what happens.  And then you keep the interaction smooth between the Wizard Assistant and the child.  That’s a big job of the site coordinator.  And also the waiting list.  Maintaining the waiting list and how the kids get in, because we now maintain a waiting list of at least 50 children per session.  And I’d say anywhere between 12 to 20 get in per 5th Dimension session so we always have this leftover that need to get in the next day.  So maintains that, and when to get them and who to pair them up with.