Miriam Schustack

5th Dimension Site Director

Professor, California State U San Marcos

We donít push the Young Wizard Assistant as a necessary or appropriate goal for the kids.  In fact usually it only comes up for children who are newer to the 5th Dimension when we celebrate the achievement of a child becoming a Young Wizardís Assistant.  We have a little party and a ceremony, and all the other kids say, ďOh whatís that and how can I do it?Ē  And it seems to me that thatís a much more natural way of making that a goal in that environment than imposing it on the kids and saying, ďOkay when you come to the 5th Dimension, once you get really good, you can become a Young Wizardís Assistant.Ē  This way, itís a goal that attracts them rather than a goal that weíve imposed on them.