Cody Sandifer

5th Dimension Site Director

Graduate Student, San Diego State University

    We've dangled this thing in front of the kids, it's called a Wizard's
Assistantship.  And we have criteria for it.  You know, they have to play so many games at good level and so many games at beginner.  But to tell you the truth, we haven't really done much with it.  I mean, some of the kids have made it and what we originally did was we allowed them to go to other classrooms and help out kids.  Which worked out okay, although there was some issue about whether or not you should allow fifth graders help fourth graders and maybe it should be third grade fifth grade.  We also gave them some input into maybe what games they were going to have next year.  We also let them test out task cards and give feedback on whether or not they thought the task cards are any good.  We've allowed them to maybe create some task cards.  The question is whether or not these are things that are actually worth doing, whether or not these are things that kids want to do.  So actually we're trying to come up with new things for Young Wizard's Assistants to do so it's more of a title worth having in their eyes for whatever reason.