Miriam Schustack

5th Dimension Site Director

Professor, California State U San Marcos


The other part of the course thatís taken some time to figure out is how to reasonably evaluate the students who are doing such nontraditional type activity as part of a course for credit, and over time Iíve worked that out with varying amounts of attention paid things like the nitty gritty of being there and being there and being there on time at site turning in their field notes on time, having the right kind of information included in their field notes, and then also trying to evaluate to some extent how well theyíre understanding the material and how well their applying it.  I have the students write responses to the readings that try to apply them to their 5th Dimension experience and I use that  and also evaluate that as part of their course grade.  So over time itís evolved into a mixture of some weight being given to the course, traditional classroom type activities, and some weight being given to the field activities.