The Fifth Dimension at Torrey Pines Elementary is unique in that it is a site that is not only located at a school, but is actually integrated with a school curriculum and conducted during school hours.  The program is a collaboration between the University of California, San Diego and Torrey Pines Elementary, and was established by parent volunteers Ginny Gordon and Sharon Zell who collaborated with the teachers at the school, and Michael Cole and Cody Sandifer at UC San Diego.  Zell and Sandifer were co-site coordinators as the program was established, and currently Susan Nickerson shares the coordinator role with Zell.  The program runs on Fridays in five classrooms (all of the fourth and fifth grade classrooms) at Torrey Pines elementary.

This Fifth Dimension is also unique due to the high degree of parent involvement in the operation of site.  The parent volunteers adapted Fifth Dimension artifacts to conform to the academic program at the school, and they also act as coaches during every day of site.  There is at least one parent volunteer per classroom.  Sandifer, a graduate student in the Math and Science Education program (a joint program between San Diego State University and UC San Diego) taught the original course at UCSD, which provides the students to staff the site.