The 5th Dimension and its place in the organization

    It is natural to focus on the work that goes into setting up a 5thD site in a community institution, but is essential to focus as well on the institutional work that will be required, sooner and later, in your home institution of higher education.


    A basic requirement is that a course be offered all year round. This does not mean "with no break for vacation." Rather, it means that each quarter or semester (which is applicable) a course needs to be offered that provides students with theoretical background and supervision at the field site they are contributing to.  This requirement can be met in a great variety of ways, depending on your own institutional location. Current sponsoring departments/schools include education, teacher education, psychology, communication, human development.


    Discussions are under way to start up 5thD's in a variety of other programs and departments, including urban studies, women's studies, sociology departments, and the like. 


    The key to institutional success in the university/college as well as the community is to GO WITH YOUR LOCAL STRENGTHS. For information about the varieties of arrangements that exist so far, and email contacts with 5thD implementers whose institutional arrangements seem similar to yours.