The Appalachian State University (ASU) Fifth Dimension Program involves a cluster of sites associated with local schools around Boone, North Carolina.  Currently, there are Fifth Dimensions at four schools (Parkway, Blowing Rock, Green Valley, and Vale Curcis), and one at the ASU campus.  The program is run during the after school hours at all sites, four days a week.


    Under the leadership of Professor William Blanton, the ASU 5thD program has been thriving and growing, and has been gradually expanding its sites and increasing its influence in the university.  The program has been supported by various grants and technology gifts, as well as the ongoing support of the university.  The 5thD has become a vital component in the Education Department of the university, where four sections of the "Introduction to Teaching" course associated with the program are taught, providing the student staff for the sites, and involving numerous faculty members.  I addition, the university has been supporting research associated with the program, including faculty time and graduate students.  The ASU sites demonstrate how the 5thD model can be institutionalized at a large scale in a teacher education program and in local schools.

    The Clearinghouse for information on the Fifth Dimension Program worldwide is located at ASU.  Please visit the web site for up to date information on the Fifth Dimension Consortium: