The Solana Beach site is the oldest Fifth Dimension currently in existence, founded in 1986 by Michael Cole, a professor at the University of California, San Diego, Department of Communication.  Growing out of work that Cole and his colleagues had been pursuing since the early eighties, a number of Fifth Dimension sites were founded at this time, but the Solana Beach site is the one survivor from this era.  As such, it has provided a model for other Fifth Dimensions to follow and adapt to their local circumstances.

    Located in the San Dieguito Boys and Girls Club, this Fifth Dimension is staffed by one site coordinator (a Club staff member), and students from UCSD.  This site is characterized by permeable borders between the Fifth Dimension area and other parts of the club, especially the Library area that borders the Fifth Dimension.  Kids can often be seen working with other kids in small groups, observing each other, playing with the undergraduates, and moving between different areas of the Fifth Dimension and the other areas of the Boys and Girls Club.  Many Fifth Dimension citizens have participated for multiple years at this well-established site, and often help in teaching other kids and the new undergraduates about how the Fifth Dimension and the games in the Fifth Dimension work.