Natalie Forssman

Email Address:
  • PhD. Student, Communication and Science Studies, University of California San Diego.
  • B.A., Philosophy, University of British Columbia. 2010.
Research Interests
  • human/non-human environments
  • wildlife and conservation biology
  • history and philosophy of biology and ecology
  • interaction studies and ethnomethodology
  • semiotics of the index or trace
  • embodiment and materiality
Research Focus
My current research focuses on how ecological knowledge of the ocean in produced by using marine mammals as 'sentinels', 'indicators', or 'delegates' of ocean environments. I am interested in exploring how scientists interact with one-another, with the animals they study, with the technologies they employ, and with the landscapes they conduct their research within.
Pinniped cartography: Movement as corporeal, ecological, and social trace. Presented at Writing Nature PhD Workshop, University of Oslo, Norway, November 2012
Evolutionary attunement: Reading Darwin on the ecological trace. Presented at Nonhuman: Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Annual Meeting, September 2012.