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Junior Seminars

COMM 190
Instructor: Patrick Anderson
Title: Seminar in Oral History
Summer Session I
Description: This seminar will focus on the practices of Oral History and Personal Narrative. Students will read about methods of preparing for, recording, transcribing, and interpreting oral histories, and will sample histories drawn from a variety of communities. For their final written projects, students will then plan and record an oral history with a person/community of their choosing (in consultation with the professor); this final project will include personal narrative (of the interlocutors and the author).

Intermediate Electives - Topics

COMM 113T A00: Intermediate Topics in Communication
Instructor: Allan Havis
Title: American Political Films from Hollywood
Summer Session I
Description: A survey of Hollywood political films over fifty years on American culture, with emphasis on the intersection of entertainment, public debate, social change and political editorial.


COMM 113T B00: Intermediate Topics in Communication
Instructor: Matthew Dewey
Title: Civic Media: Citizen Journalism
Summer Session I
In this course, students will explore and apply theories and concepts of mass communications studies and  journalism as they intersect contemporary platforms of digital production and distribution. The course incorporates project-based assignments that allow students to navigate different forms of journalism while connecting them to local issues in the broader San Diego community.