FALL 2017



Year One Coursework

COGR 200B - Introduction to Study of Communication: Communication and Culture (4)
Instructor: Fernando Dominguez Rubio 

Description: This course focuses on questions of interpretation and meaning. This course will examine how people use texts to interpret the world and coordinate their activities in social groups. Students will study both theories of interpretation in the conventional sense and theories about the act of interpreting. Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.

COGR 294. The History of Communication Research (4)
Instructor: Shawna Kidman 
Description: Intellectual history of the field of communication studies from Robert Park to the present. Explication and assessment of major research approaches and classic studies representing both empirical and critical traditions. Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.

Seminars and Topics Courses

COGR 210D - Historical Methods for Communication Research (4)
Instructor: David Serlin 
Description: Different approaches to conducting historical research in communication. Such approaches may include the social history of communication technology; structuralist and poststructuralist accounts of language, media, and collective memory; and new historicist treatments of cultural history. Sources, documentation, and the nature of argument from historical evidence are emphasized. Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.

COGR 275 - StoryTelling (4) 
Instructor: Angela Booker