FALL 2018



Year One Coursework

Communication and Culture
Instructor: Elana Zilberg

This course focuses on questions of interpretation and meaning. This course will examine how people use texts to interpret the world and coordinate their activities in social groups. Students will study both theories of interpretation in the conventional sense and theories about the act of interpreting. 

COGR 294
The History of Communication Research
Instructor: Shawna Kidman
Intellectual history of the field of communication studies from Robert Park to the present. Explication and assessment of major research approaches and classic studies representing both empirical and critical traditions.

Seminars and Topics Courses

COGR 237
Performance Theory
Instructor: Patrick Anderson

Course is designed to introduce graduate students to the disciplinary, intellectual, and artistic genealogies of performance studies that bring together critical work from the fields of anthropology, art history, communication, critical gender studies, ethnic studies, film studies, literature, and theatre studies. 

COGR 275
Semiotics of Gilles Deleuze
Instructor: Morana Alac
In this course, we will exercise close reading of excerpts from Deleuze's opus, approaching them as texts in semiotics, and attending to our reading practices.