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Year One Coursework

COGR 200B - Introduction to Study of Communication: Communication and Culture (4)
Instructor: Fernando Dominguez Rubio 

Description: This course focuses on questions of interpretation and meaning. This course will examine how people use texts to interpret the world and coordinate their activities in social groups. Students will study both theories of interpretation in the conventional sense and theories about the act of interpreting. Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.

COGR 296 - Communication Research as an Interdisciplinary Activity (4)
Instructor: Shawna F. Kidman

Description: A course that introduces students to the interdisciplinary nature of the field of communication research as represented by the work of faculty in the Department of Communication. Through faculty research, students are presented with concrete examples of communication research theory and practice that can provide them with insights for conducting their own research projects. Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.

Seminars and Topics Courses

COGR 210D - Historical Methods for Communication Research (4)
Instructor: David Serlin 
Description: Different approaches to conducting historical research in communication. Such approaches may include the social history of communication technology; structuralist and poststructuralist accounts of language, media, and collective memory; and new historicist treatments of cultural history. Sources, documentation, and the nature of argument from historical evidence are emphasized. Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.

COGR 225B - Seminar in Science Studies (4)
Instructor: Claire Ellen Edington

Description: Study and discussion of a selected topic in the science studies field with an emphasis on the development of research and writing skills. The topic varies from year to year. Prerequisites:enrollment in the Science Studies Program or consent of instructor.

COGR 225C - Colloquium in Science Studies (4)
Instructor: Catherina M. Gere

Description: A forum for the presentation and discussion of research in progress in science studies by graduate students, faculty, and visitors. Students must attend the colloquium series for their entire first and second years. They receive course credit in one quarter each year. Prerequisites: enrollment in the Science Studies Program.

COGR 275 - Topics in Communication (4)
Instructor: Zeinabu I. Davis

Description: Specialized study in communication, with topics to be determined by the instructor for any given quarter.

COGR 284 - Time (4)
Instructor: Stefan A. Tanaka

Description: This seminar will introduce key issues and readings in our understanding of time. Time is historical, not natural. We will examine ways that modern time structures and orders human interaction. Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.

COGR 285 - Ethnography Practicum (4) 
Instructor: Christopher O. Sims 
Description: Over the past four years, UCSD has consolidated a Studio for Ethnographic Design (SED) that draws together ethnographers from departments in the humanities, performing arts, and the social sciences. This course offers a primer in ethnographic research to students across those disciplines. We examine all parts of the ethnographic process: from the concept work of project formulation and design to practical issues around the conduct of ethnographic research. As a practicum listed in multiple departments, the course introduces students in any one department to students with overlapping methodological interests in other departments. Enrollment is subject to participation in SED and approval by the instructor.