Year One Coursework

COGR 296
Title: Communication Research as an Interdisciplinary Activity
Instructor: Patty Ahn

A course that introduces students to the interdisciplinary nature of the field of communication research as represented by the work of faculty in the Department of Communication. Through faculty research, students are presented with concrete examples of communication research theory and practice that can provide them with insights for conducting their own research projects. 

Seminars and Topics Courses

Title: Comparative Analysis
Instructor: Daniel Hallin

The logic of comparative analysis and its role in communication research. Scientific inference in qualitative research. Selection of cases. Problems of translation across cultures. 


COGR 275
Title: Design, Ethics, Politics
Instructor: Lilly Irani

This seminar considers the politics and practice of design as a mode of social transformation by locating it in history and economy. Design is often considered as a socio-technical project, concerned with efficiency, efficacy, usability, and desirability. Design also accompanies ethical claims about social good, guided by moral norms of those who have the power to shape the artificial environment. This course widens the view, examining design as part and parcel of political projects, from governing to activism. We will look at cases of design at different locations and historical moments; these include Swedish social democracy, Indian colonialism, Las Vegas casino capitalism, California agriculture, and Berkeley's disability movements. We will also invite guest speakers as appropriate. Our goal will be to examine the political dilemmas and possibilities of making for, with, and against others as part of collective life. The course will have a studio component; participants will develop proposals for critical production/design/making projects, supported by constructive "crits" (critique sessions). PhD students from all disciplines are welcome, Masters students welcome with instructor permission.