Asia Feiss




Ph.D. Student, Communication and Science Studies, University of California San Diego, 2018 - Present 

B.A. in Sociology, University of California Santa Cruz, 2016    

Research Interests 

My research explores the use of assistive, and wearable technologies for high-performance athletes. I am primarily focused on tracking the use of wearable technologies on injured athletes to follow their experiences with assistive technologies. More specifically, I examine how these technologies allow for alternative understandings of bodies in motion and produce the potential for resisting ideas of bodily standardization. 

What do such technologies suggest for the way we communicate with and about bodies? I am investigating the way these technologies, designed on and for the body, transform athletes’ real and perceived physical capabilities and expectations. I am interested in the affordances and constraints produced by personalized technological experiences in conceptualizing bodily ability

I use the medical setting as a site where multiple sources of knowledge and power converge on the athlete’s body. My interest in studying pain as a process of negotiation in this site has effectively highlighted fissures in communicative methods.