Corey Metcalfe


Corey Metcalfe (he/him) is a PhD student at UCSD. His research focuses on the intersection of analog and digital game spaces and the communities that arise around them. Currently, he is focusing his interests on the emergence of safety tools in the RPG community, the rise of D&D streaming and game-as-cinema, and the history of theory-building among amateur designers. He’s also interested in academic communication, particularly in the use of non-traditional spaces like blogs and forums. 

Before that he followed a winding path through the academy - he received a bachelor's degree in mathematics with a minor in gender, sexuality, and women's studies from Southern Oregon University and spent several years as an independent scholar between undergrad and graduate school. He has presented undergraduate papers on machine learning and mathematics pedagogy at the Southern Oregon Arts and Research Conference. His dead blog can be found at and you may reach out via email with questions or cool ideas at


PhD Student, Communication, University of California, San Diego, 2019-Present. 
BS, Mathematics, Southern Oregon University, 2013

Research Interests

 Analog & digital games; pop culture; online platforms