Marion "Googie" Daniels


Ph.D. Student in Communication | UC San Diego, 2018 - present

Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts | Concentration: American Sign Language and Deaf Studies | Hampshire College, 2012 - 2016


Marion Daniels’ research interests revolve around cultural and medical understandings of d/Deafness. From resources given out at doctors’ offices following the birth of a deaf or hard-of-hearing child, to YouTube videos and articles highlighting the experiences of d/Deaf individuals, Marion is interested in unpacking representations of, and information regarding, d/Deafness in the United States.

Marion’s undergraduate research explored audience reactions to d/Deaf media texts, including a cochlear implant viral video and the Freeform television show drama “Switched at Birth.” This research addresses the critical, and often inhibiting, role media representation plays in our perceptions of d/Deaf communities. This work culminated in the written portion of her undergraduate thesis, DEAFinitions: A Deaf Studies Conference and Audience Research Analyses. For the conference component of her capstone project, Marion founded and organized DEAFintions: A Deaf Studies Conference, which is now an annual event in Western Massachusetts. Leveraging the Deaf Studies Conference fundraising potential, Marion established the Ruth Moore Fund for ASL/Deaf Studies, a recurring grant available to Hampshire College students investigating audiological and/or cultural approaches to d/Deafness.

Presently, Marion plans to continue her research on representations of d/Deafness in the hopes of creating educational programming to combat stigmas and misinformation regarding d/Deafness.

Research Interests 

D/deaf communities; American Sign Language; media representation of under underrepresented groups; audience research; cultural Deafness; medical intervention on deaf children; bilingualism