Ivana GuarrasiIvana Guarrasi

Email Address: iguarras@ucsd.edu


Ph.D. Candidate, Communication, University of California, San Diego

M.A., Linguistics, California State University, Long Beach, 2009

M.A., English Language and Literature, Prešov University, Slovakia, 2005

M.A., Aesthetics, Prešov University, Slovakia, 2005


simulation, practices of standardization, nursing and medical education, multi-modal interaction, embodiment, ethnomethodology, cultures of care


I study practices of standardization in the nursing simulation laboratory. I examine the process of creating assessment tools that aspire to account for life-like simulations in a precise and scientific way. More specifically, I look at how standardized patients function as an educational instrument that embodies as well as restructures the practices of experiential and performance-based learning. Standardized patients are individuals trained to portray a patient in simulation that mimics a clinical setting. Conceptualizing them as a training and assessment technology allows me to highlight how they become involved in new trends of curricular design.

My work incorporates frameworks that consider the central role of situated cultures of learning, the analysis of face-to-face interaction, and anthropological studies of audit technologies and ethics of “accountability” to explore how the emphasis on the visible performance in simulation embodies a specific kind of rationality in the practice of training nursing competence.

I use multi-modal and discourse analysis to interrogate the relationship of standardization with life as it unfolds in the domains of simulation training, everyday interactions in the simulation laboratory, performance, and in the context of institutional actors and discourses that circulate in the medical and educational arenas.

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