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Jonathan Walton is a Katzin Scholar and PhD student in the Communication Department, UC San Diego. He previously spent 7 years in the foreign policy world, most recently as a Project Manager and Next Generation of Leadership in Asian Affairs Fellow at the National Bureau of Asian Research. Mr. Walton’s work focuses on institutions of social control, particularly in China, and their relationship to international discourses and practices of crisis management and policing.

He has also been involved in a community of experimental game designers since 2002 and is developing a game-based “ludo-methodology” to allow both academic and popular audiences to explore different aspects of his research.

Mr. Walton has an MA in International Studies from the University of Washington and a BA in East Asian Studies from Oberlin College. He previously spent 3 years studying abroad at Beijing No. 2 Middle School (1998-99), Capital University of Economics & Business (2001-02), and Nanjing University (2004-05, as a Fulbright Fellow).

His most recent publications are “China Plans for Internal Unrest: People’s Armed Police and Public Security Approaches to ‘Mass Incidents’” (National Defense University Press, 2015) and Restless, an innovative post-apocalyptic card game that was an official selection at IndieCade 2015.