Kerry Keith


Ph.D. student, Communication, University of California, San Diego, 2018-present

M.A., Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU, 2018

B.A., Literature, Legal Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2012


Kerry Keith is a current doctoral student at UCSD in Communication. Her research centers on U.S systems of incarceration, carceral geographies, queer and feminist theories, biopolitics, and Marxism. She is a prison abolitionist interested in the interplay of ideology, imagination, and landscape. While her inquiries usually investigate the harms of U.S. mass incarceration on an institutional level, this focus has been propelled by interpersonal relationships built through activist work both inside and out. Most recently, Kerry was a founding team member of Decarcerated Podcast, a platform dedicated to highlighting the insights, intellect, and innovations of people who have directly experienced incarceration. Her MA thesis, On Edge: Cultural and Geographical Significations of Prison Release, expanded on themes emerging from the podcast's production to examine how the edge between inside and out is a precarious and extensive geographical interface where active cultural production occurs.        

Kerry is increasingly interested in exploring infrastructural implications of mass incarceration, alongside discovering queer glimpses of an abolitionist future "not yet here."