Linnea Zeiner


UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA. Ph.D., Communication. September 2017-Present.

San Diego State University, San Diego, CA. M.A, History. 2015.

Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI. B.A., Business Administration. 1997


Linnea Zeiner is a counter-culture feminist historian and digital humanist conducting multi-disciplinary research in transmedia platforms of scholarship, presentation, and pedagogy. She earned her M.A. in History from San Diego State University and is a first-year doctoral student at the University of California San Diego in Communication. Linnea’s thesis, grunge feminism: performing gender paradox in queered plays of hypertexuality, published in 2015, is the first born-digital, interactive thesis at San Diego State. It is a multi-modal work presenting a non-linear and completely interactive reader experience that is designed to open up new interpretative opportunities in the digital classroom. 

Currently, Linnea Zeiner is a lecturer in the Classics and Humanities Department at San Diego State, working out of the experimental and collaborative environment of the ITS Learning Research Studios. As part of the Virtual Immersive Teaching and Learning (VITal) faculty, she explores inverted approaches to teaching Humanities utilizing transmedia, deformance, and mixed realities. Ms. Zeiner has been a member of the SDSU Digital Humanities Initiative since its inception, working with the consortium to help the San Diego region’s diverse learning institutions innovate DH pedagogy to enhance the learning experiences of underrepresented student communities.

Research Interests

grunge, punk, Mixed Reality Pedagogy/Design, Digital Humanities Pedagogy/Design, girls’ studies, Sci-fi/Pop Dystopias, 19th-20th Century U.S. History


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