Nicholas Turner

Ph.D. Student, Department of Communication

UC San Diego




M.A. in International Affairs from The New School, 2017 

B.A. in Liberal Arts from The New School, 2015 


Nicholas is an artist, digital entertainment producer and an academic late bloomer. They have come to the communications department at UCSD with a deep interest in researching the structure and mechanics of power within corporate global entertainment. Nicholas is curious about imagined utopian economies and geographies such as a decolonized, anti-racist, anti-discriminatory entertainment industry; post nation-state political organization; and what role art and culture might play in creating these utopias. Other interests of theirs include collective and indigenous rights; narrative ownership; and global development. 

Recent Story Project

AnOther Story is a project that supports the efforts of Palestinian artists to tell stories to their own communities and to audiences around the globe.