Olga LazitskiOlga Lazitski Torres

Email Address: okovalev@ucsd.edu

Olga is a media scholar and a journalist. She researches the ways in which contemporary propaganda operates in the settings of the major Russian television networks. Her broad scholarly interest relates to the concept of media endarkenment - the term she coined to describe the process of media influence by which the intellectual level of media consumers and the number of informed citizens decrease. Her publications appeared in such peer-reviewed journals as American Behavioral Scientist and Business Research Yearbook. She has been working as a reporter, producer, anchor, and news writer for the Russian national networks in Moscow and for the local broadcasting companies in Siberia and the Russia’s Far East. She also has been a Fulbright scholar in Emerson College in Boston where she started her media research on media endarkenment, propaganda, and persuasion.

Currently, under the umbrella of her broad research interests, Olga is trying to define the new kind of subjectivity of people who live in Putin’s Russia.

My website: www.mediaendarkenment.com