Tuesday, June 12

Artists Arrive

Welcome/Introductions/Dinner with Artists

Wednesday, June 13

Students arrive throughout day.

10 a.m. Artists: Tour and Orientation to Campus Resources with UCHRI staff

11 a.m. Artists: Set up Gallery

5 p.m.Gallery Open

6-7 p.m.Buffet Dinner in Gallery

7:00Welcome from Cathy and Georgina

Group Introductions

Thursday, June 14

9-9:30Students: Orientation from UCHRI staff

9:30-12 Workshop: Introduction to Critical Disability Studies

Cathy Kudlick, UCD and Mara Mills, NYU

3-5 Open Studios

6-8 Workshop: Visceral Media

Darrin Martin, UCD

Take-out dinner

Friday, June 15

9-12 Workshop: The Aesthetics of Description

Georgina Kleege, UCB and Patrick Anderson, UCSD

3-5 Open Studios

6-8 p.m. Presentation: Descriptive Video Exchange (DVX) Project

Josh Miele, Smith-Kettlewell

Take-out dinner

Saturday, June 16

9-12 Workshop: Embodying Language/Movement Descriptions

Victoria Marks, UCLA

3-5 Open Studios

Sunday, June 17

9-12 Workshop: Ekphrasis

Susan Schweik, UCB

3-5 Open Studios

6-8 Workshop: Disability, Queerness and the Affective Turn

Heather Love, University of Pennsylvania

Take-out dinner

Monday, June 18

9-12 Workshop:Inclusive Design

Graham Pullin, University of Dundee

3-5 Open Studios

Tuesday, June 19

10-12 Student Presentations: Project Proposals

Group Lunch

3-6 Artist Show and Tell

Buffet Dinner

Wednesday, June 20



Art Inclusion: Disability, Design, Curation