TransCalifornia Conference

12-13 February 2010
University of California, San Diego

Conference Sessions

Link to Schedule
Location for all events: Weaver Center, Institute of the Americas, UCSD campus

SESSION ONE (PLENARY): Border Productions
Daphne Lei (Dept of Drama, UCI)
Roberto Alvarez (Dept of Ethnic Studies; California Cultures Program, UCSD)
Alicia Arrizon (Dept of Women's Studies, UCR)
Laura Hyun Yi Kang (Depts of Comparative Literature, English, and Women's Studies, UCI)

SESSION TWO: Performative Resistance and the Border Industrial Complex
Nitin Govil (Dept of Communication, UCSD)
Dylan Rodriguez (Dept of Ethnic Studies, UCR)
Jared Sexton (Depts of African American Studies and Film & Media Studies, UCI)
Elana Zilberg (Dept of Communication; California Cultures Program, UCSD)

SESSION THREE: New Media/tion in and as Border Practice
Emily Roxworthy (Dept of Theatre & Dance; California Cultures Program, UCSD)
Caetlin Benson-Allot (Dept of Film & Digital Media, UCSC)
Marcela Fuentes (Center for Performance Studies; Mellon Fellow, UCLA)
Brian Goldfarb (Dept of Communication; CalIT2, UCSD)

SESSION FOUR: Expressive Cultures and the Poetics of Crossing I
Leo Cabranes-Grant (Dept of Theater & Dance, UCSB)
Christine Bacareza Balance (Dept of Asian American Studies, UCI)
Ricardo Dominguez (Dept of Visual Arts; CalIT2, UCSD)
Alma Martinez (Dept of Theatre and Dance, Pomona College; National Theatre of Mexico)

SESSION FIVE: Expressive Cultures and the Poetics of Crossing II
Jon Rossini (Dept of Theatre & Dance, UCD)
Teddy Cruz (Dept of Visual Arts, UCSD)
Lan Duong (Dept of Media & Cultural Studies, UCR)
Laura Perez (Dept of Ethnic Studies, UCB)

Conference Organizers
Patrick Anderson (Communication, UCSD)
John Rouse (Theatre & Dance, UCSD)

Conference Coordinator
Grace Shinhae Jun (Theatre & Dance, UCSD)

Conference Sponsors
UC Multi-Campus Research Group on International Performance and Culture
California Cultures in Comparative Perspectives (UCSD)
Division of Arts and Humanities (UCSD)
Division of Social Sciences (UCSD)
Department of Theatre & Dance (UCSD)
Department of Communication (UCSD)

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