Additional links and resources for the study of General Semantics

Selected Writings of Alfred Korzybski

  • Fate and Freedom – an essay on the science and art of human engineering

       Korzybski: Fate and Freedom

  • Aristotelian vs. Non-Aristotelian Thinking – taken from Science and Sanity

       Korzybski: Table of Aristotelian vs Non-Aristotelian Thinking

  • The Role of Language in the Perceptual Process

       Korzybski: Role of Language in the Perceptual Process

  • The Science of Man – Korzybski’s review of his book Science and Sanity

       Korzybski, Alfred: The Science of Man

  • Biographical Sketch of Alfred Korzybski – by Charlotte Schuchardt

       Read, Charlotte - Biographical sketch of Korzybski

Additional Writings on General Semantics

Links to General Semantics Websites

  • Institute of General Semantics

  • This is not That – Website of General Semantics maintained by Steve Stockdale