Disability Accommodation

The Department of Communication is committed to helping students with disabilities receive reasonable accommodation to be successful in their departmental coursework.

Key Roles/Campus Partners:

Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)OSD works with students with documented disabilities to review documentation and determine reasonable accommodations. Disabilities can occur in these areas: psychological, psychiatric, learning, attention, chronic health, physical, vision, hearing, and acquired brain injuries, and may occur at any time during a student’s college career. We encourage you to contact the OSD as soon as you become aware of a condition that is disabling so that we can work with you. After consultation with OSD and presentation of the required care-provider documentation, you will receive an Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) Letter. 

Instructor – The instructor cannot provide an accommodation without receiving the AFA letter. Once received, the instructor is responsible for implementing your accommodation; this includes coordinating with Teaching Assistants (TA) in those classes that have sections.

Departmental OSD Liaison – The OSD Liaison works with the instructor to secure testing rooms and equipment per the AFA letter. If there are questions about accommodations specified in the AFA letter, the OSD Liaisons can seek clarification from OSD.

Student – it is critical that the student start the AFA process as soon as possible by securing an appointment with OSD: https://osd.ucsd.edu/  In addition, early communication with your instructor is also key, so that the AFA accommodation may be implemented as quickly as possible. In courses with TAs, the student may also speak with them about their need for accommodation.