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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Communication Department?

We are located in the Thurgood Marshall College campus, Media Center Communication Building.

How do I contact the department?

Departmental contact:(858) 534 – 4410

Jamie Lloyd (Undergraduate Advisor): jlloyd@ucsd.edu

Taylor Relich (Undergraduate Advisor): trelich@ucsd.edu

Where do I find my instructor’s and/or TA’s office hours?

• On the class syllabus

• Posted in the Undergraduate Lounge (MCC 122A)

How do I declare a minor?

Declare your minor online via Tritonlink. Please complete the form exactly as below:



Students are required to take seven courses in Communication as follows:

Lower-Division Course: SUBJECT COURSE NUMBER COMM 10

Upper-Division Courses: SUBJECT COURSE NUMBER

COMM 100

COMM 100





IMPORTANT!!! – No more than three may be taken at the COMM 101 – 119 level, and at least one must be taken at the COMM 120-189 level. 

DO NOT LIST specific Electives unless you have taken or are enrolled in them.

How do I declare a double major?

First, meet with your college advisor to start a double major petition and then bring in the form to the Communication advising offices (MCC 124A & 124B) to meet with our Undergraduate Advisors. For the Communication side, list the courses as follows:





COMM 190









NOTE: Do not list specific electives unless you have taken or are enrolled in them.

How do I sign up for AIP?

Contact the Academic Internship Office located at Room 210 in the Literature Building, phone number (858) 534 – 4355. Website: http://aip.ucsd.edu.

What are the prerequisites for Communication classes?

COMM 10 is the prerequisite for COMM 100A, COMM 100B, COMM 100C, or COMM 10 may be taken concurrently with COMM 100A, 100B, or 100C.

To take Intermediate level electives (courses numbered 101 – 119) students must complete COMM 10 or be taking COMM 10 concurrently.

To take Advanced level electives (courses numbered 120 – 180) students must complete COMM 10 and at least one COMM 100 (A, B or C)

For production courses (COMM 101D, 101E, 101K, 101M, 101N), students must complete COMM 101 or be taking COMM 101 concurrently.

Is “D” a passing grade in Communication?


How do I contest a grade?

Contact the instructor and write up your argument why you think your grade should be reviewed. If denied, you can submit your written argument to one of the Undergraduate Advisors.

Can I take a class as Pass/No Pass?

No. All courses must be taken for a letter grade with the exception of COMM 198, 199, and 193.

Where can I find my final from the previous quarter?

In the Undergraduate Lounge, room 122A.

I sent an e-mail or VAC message to the Undergraduate Advisor and did not get an answer within 3 days, what do I do?

Call the main office first at (858) 534 – 4410 or come into the department for advising or to check on the status of your e-mail.

What is COMM 198/199?

COMM 198 is a group study done with a professor of your choice. COMM 199 is an independent study done with a professor of your choice. The first COMM 198 or 199 can count as one Communication Elective. If you want to do another one, you must petition with the department

I have a complaint about a professor, what do I do?

You may contact either Jamie Lloyd, Undergraduate Advisor (858) 534-4411, Taylor Relich, Undergraduate Advisor (858) 822-0016, or Val Hartouni, Department Chair, (858) 534- 9198.

Do courses taken abroad count toward the Communication Major? How do I petition a course taken abroad to count toward the major?

Yes, up to two courses taken abroad can count toward the Communication Major as COMM Electives. You will need to complete the Undergraduate Student Petition Form and submit a full course syllabus to Jamie Lloyd or Taylor Relich, the Undergraduate Advisors. It takes approximately two weeks for the petition to be reviewed and changes to be made on your degree audit.

If I have an emergency and cannot attend class, what do I do?

E-mail or call the instructor or the Communication department to notify them/us of your absence as soon as possible. The Communication office can get a message to the professor. Class attendance is part of the grade in some Communication classes. With cell phone and email availability, excuses of “I was unable to contact the professor or department” will not be accepted.