The Undergraduate Communication Society at UCSD

The Undergraduate Communication Society at UCSD, known as UCS, is the premier pre-professional society for The Communication Department at UCSD. The Society serves as the direct liaison between the students and the department, UCSD Alumni and industry professionals. UCS Members attend events throughout each quarter that are centered on creating connections and enhancing professionalism. 

Many students have used UCS as leverage to find employment opportunities and leadership positions. Together, the Communication Department and The Undergraduate Communications Society make the Communication Major at UC San Diego one of the best in the country.

The Undergraduate Communication Society at UCSD is open to any major. Our society includes members from Communication, Visual Arts, Economics, Management Science, Psychology and more. 

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2016-2017 Executive Board

Rachel   Ophelia
President: Rachel Park                                                                    Vice President: Ophelia Ding

April  Alex
Finance Coordinator: April Tsuei                                                 Graphic Design: Alex Kim

Kirsten  quinn
Journalism Chair: Kirsten Baird                                                   Journalism Chair: Quinn Pieper

Maggie  esther
Entertainment/Media Chair: Maggie Papikyan                            PR/Marketing Chair: Esther Mao

Social Media Chair: Evon Hung