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Caroline Collins

Bylo Chacon Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Caroline Collins is a Bylo Chacon Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer in Communication at the University of California, San Diego and a Postdoctoral Researcher with the CA Historical Society and the CA Institute for Rural Studies. She earned her B.A. in American Literature and Culture from UCLA, an MFA in Creative Writing from UC Riverside, and a PhD in Communication from UC San Diego.

Caroline’s research focuses on the politics of cultural memory in public history narratives of the American West. She recently completed a film project made with Native American youth and is currently conducting archival research for an upcoming California Humanities funded traveling exhibit and podcast series "We Are Not Strangers Here," which will shine a light on African Americans in the history of California agriculture and rural communities.

Caroline’s research has been supported by the UCSD Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program, the Joseph Naiman Graduate Fellowship, the Frieda Daum Urey Endowed Fellowship, the Qualcomm/Alliance For Empowerment Graduate Scholarship, the UCSD Sixth College Culture, Art, and Technology Artist-in-Residence Program, the UC Consortium for Black Studies in California Project, and she was the Inaugural Recipient of the Herbert I. Schiller Dissertation Fellowship.


Ph.D., Department of Communication, UC San Diego 2019

M.A., Communication, UC San Diego 2016

MFA, Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts, UC Riverside 2011

B.A., American Literature and Culture, UCLA 2000


Herbert I. Schiller Dissertation Fellowship

Joseph Naiman Graduate Fellowship

UCSD Department of Communication Summer Research Fellowship

Co-Investigator and Co-Recipient, Innovation Grant, UCSD Vice Chancellor’s Office on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Qualcomm / Alliance For Empowerment Graduate Scholarship

UC Consortium for Black Studies in California Travel Grant

UCSD Department of Communication First Year Doctoral Fellowship

UCSD Pan-Hellenic Association Outstanding Professor Award Recipient (received as a Lecturer)


Selected Publications

Collins, C. (forthcoming). Westworld and The Evolution of the Myth of the West. In Jones, C. (Ed.), Rethinking, Remaking, Reimagining: The American Cowboy in a 21st Century, University of Oklahoma Press.

Booker, A., Campion, C., Collins, C. & Anderson, V. (in-progress) Pursuing Equity in Action: Attempting To Make Democracy Material in Daily Life.

Collins, C. (2016). Cooperative Measures: NGO and Institutional Educational Partnerships in the US. In C. Brock (Ed.), Education and NGOs. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Collins, C. (Spring 2014). A Selection of Lorca. In Exchanges: A Journal of Literary Translation. University of Iowa.

Collins, C. (July 2012). “Dream Interrupted.” In the African-American Experience Collection. The Whistling Fire.

Collins, C. (2012). Hype (Screenplay). Reg. Number: 1596559, Writers Guild of America, West.

Collins, C., Vásquez, O. A., Bliesner, J. (2011). Bridging the Gaps: Community - University Partnerships as a New Form of Social Policy. In Bowdon, M. & Carpenter. R. (Eds.), Higher Education, Emerging Technologies, Community Partnerships: Concepts, Models, and Applications, IGI Global.

Presentations and Participation

(March 2018) “Pursuing Equity in Action: Attempting To Make Democracy Material in Daily Life,” UC Links Conference, UC Berkeley.

(March 2018) ESCorp Game Room Demo (Gaming as Mediation), Embodied Storytelling Collective, UC San Diego Sixth College Culture, Art, & Technology Lab.

(March 2018) Native Like Water: We're Still Here, San Diego Digital Gym, San Diego 2018 Film Week.

(October 2017) “Negotiating the Ethos of University-Community Collaborative Filmmaking” 17th Annual Imagining America Conference, UC Davis. **Had to cancel travel due to wildfires**

(March 2017) “Partners for Life: Negotiating Equity in University-Community Collaborations.” UC Links, UC Berkeley.

(November 2016) “New Media Communication for Community Wellness,” UCSD Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program Symposium.

(July 2016) COMM 190: Black Lives Matter: Race, Technoscience, & the Human; Lecture Title: “Memory, Movement, & Mediated Practices: Examining the Mediated Interstices Between Cultural Memory, Space, & Identity.”  UC San Diego.

(April & May 2016) Oral History Training and Oral History Collection of scholar and artist Victoria Burnett, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA.

(November 2015) “The Syntax of Survival: Biopolitics Of An Oral Practice of Parents of Black American Children,” 29th Annual Society for Literature Science and the Arts (SLSA) Conference 2015, “After Biopolitics” Rice University, Houston TX

(September 2015) “Forging University/Community Partnerships: InterTribal Youth and UC San Diego,” UC San Diego, Vice-Chancellor’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Luncheon and Symposium.

(May 2015) “Making Graduate School a Reality Workshop,” for the LCM Fellows Program for Under-represented Students, UC San Diego, CA.

(April 2015)  “Walls that Speak: An Analysis of the Narrative Power of Graffiti within a Colombian University,” California State University, San Bernardino Latin American Studies. 30 April 2015.  (Had to decline speaking due to a family health emergency).

(January 2015) Panelist, “Hands Up: What is Your Perspective?” A Dialogue on the Relationship Between Race and Policing on Campus and Beyond, Hosted by the UC San Diego Black Staff Association.

(September 2014) Invited Speaker, Black Resource Center’s Student Success Institute, UC San Diego, Huerta/Vera Cruz Room.  

(August 2014) Global Partnership Practicum Course Development Consultant, UC San Diego / Unillanos Conferencia at the Universidad de los Llanos, Villavicencia, Colombia.

(August 2014) Co-Presenter, “LCM Infrastructure of Change,” UC San Diego / Unillanos Conferencia at the Universidad de los Llanos, Villavicencia, Colombia in the Auditorio Jamie Garzón.

(August 2014) Guest Lecturer, “Collaboratively Learning English In a Non-English Context: Uno Desarrollo Clase en Ingles,” at the Universidad de los Llanos, Villavicencia, Colombia.  

(May 2014) Presenter, “La Clase Mágica: The View From the Practicum,” for the CIER Mission Seminar, UCSD, CA.  

(May 2014) Workshop Leader, “Power of Story Personal Statement Workshop,” for the LCM Fellows Program, UCSD, CA.

(March 2014) Co-Presenter, “Assessment and practice: Links between pedagogy & assessment,” UC Links Annual Conference, Berkeley, CA.  

(February 2014) Workshop Leader, “Allow them to Re-Introduce Themselves: An Examination of the Influence of Narrative-Based Activities Within an After-School Setting,” for the LCM Fellows Program, La Jolla, CA.

(July - August 2013) Selected Pilot Workshop Participant, UCSD/Calit2/Qualcomm “Flipping the Classroom”: Building Effective Online and Blended Learning Environments Summer Workshop, La Jolla, CA.

(May 2013) Program Speaker, “Blazing A Pathway to College,” Mi Arte Mi Voz Education Exploration Conference, UCSD.

(April 2013) Co-Presenter, “21st Century Literacies: New Ways of Knowing For A World In Motion,” UC Links Annual Conference, Berkeley, CA.

(June 2011) Presenter, “Literature and The Other.”  Graduate Lecture at the University of California, Riverside, Palm Desert.

Media Practice

Managing Director Kaleyedoscope Productions 

Media production company committed to helping educators, researchers, artists, and activists share diverse, research-based narratives

Lead Producer, Narrative Director, and Series Co-Host 

Principal Investigator Dr. Victor Minces’ Listening to Waves National Science Foundation “mini” webseries, which highlights young scientists of color

Executive Producer; Story, Camera, and Editing Contribution

UC San Diego Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion / InterTribal Youth / Kaleyedoscope Productions
“Native Like Water: We’re Still Here” a video activist project from Native students of InterTribal Youth/UCSD


Screenings and Awards

  • UC San Diego
  • 2017 Water is Life Expo (Flint, MI)
  • 42nd Annual Northwest Indian Youth Conference in Washington
  • The San Diego Regional Water Quality Board’s Environmental Justice Symposium
  • The 2017 International Youth Congress hosted at the University of Hawaii Manoa
  • 2018 San Diego Film Week
  • 2017 Imagining America Conference at UC Davis (canceled due to wildfires)
  • Nominated for Best Student Documentary Short, 2018 San Diego Film Awards

Producer & Writer

UC San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine, Community Services Promos

Writer & Camera Crew

Department of Communication, UC San Diego, “UCSD Communication: A Brief Introduction” A brief documentary on the department’s radical, theoretical, and socially conscious roots and dynamic present and future


Race, Nation, and Violence in Multicultural California

How does media representation of race, nation, and violence work? Taking multicultural California as our site, this course explores how social power is embedded in a variety of visual texts, and how media not only represents but also reproduces conflict.

History, Memory, and Popular Culture

What role does popular culture play in shaping and creating our shared memory of the past? The course examines diverse sources such as school textbooks, monuments, holidays and commemorations, museums, films, music, and tourist attractions. 

How to Read A Film

Introductory course on the language of film, examining the techniques of filmmaking in addition to modes of production, technological and economic factors, narrative structure, and historical context. The course helped undergraduate students to broaden their understandings of film as a mass medium and to develop critical skills for analyzing visual culture.

Communication Practicum

Upper division practicum course providing students with a cultural laboratory experience in applying communication, media, learning, and development theories to practice. Students worked with underserved children in countywide after-school programs to design and facilitate their own participatory research projects.

Language, Thought, and Media

Upper division course examining the ways in which various communicative channels mediate human action and thought. The course emphasized the important ways communicative devices shape human thought and how thought has developed historically and in the individual.