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Matthew Dewey


Matthew Dewey is a former public access television practitioner who recently defended his dissertation on the production of space through public access television in San Francisco in the Department of Communication at UCSD. Dewey’s work looks at the intersection of telecommunication policy, urban redevelopment, and community practice as it impacts the ability of citizens to engage in local decision-making processes through community media. Dewey also volunteers for the San Diego Futures Foundation, an organization that provides refurbished computers and digital literacy training to San Diego's underserved communities. His most recent work, looking at the discourses of cord-cutting, can be found in the Oct/Nov issue of Flow.

Department of Communication

  • COMM  100C: Communication, Institutions, and Power 
  • COMM  101: Introduction to Audio/Video Production
  • COMM  106V: The Television Industry 
  • COMM  133T: Civic Media: Citizen Journalism
  • COMM  120I: Social Issues in Media Production
  • COMM  133: Television and Citizenship

Urban Studies Program:

  • USP  3: The City and Social Theory