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Ivana Guarrasi


Ivana Guarrasi studies human patient simulation in medical and nursing education, specifically, the use of standardized patient performers trained to portray a patient with a disease. Using ethnographic approaches to studying practices of standardization and quantification, her work is situated at the intersection of communication studies, medical visualizations of the body in science and technology studies (STS), and medical humanities. Considering the central role of multimodality in situated human action in the simulation laboratory, her research examines how actors in the simulation laboratory draw on multiple practices and heterogeneous techniques to produce an institutionally configured medical standard.

  • COMM 100A: Communication, the Person & Everyday Life 
  • COMM 110T: Language, Thought & Media
  • COMM 110P: Language and Human Communication
  • COMM 112G: Language and Globalization
  • COMM 127: The Problem of Voice
  • COMM 170: Biography and Life Stories
  • COMM 172: Advanced Topics in Mediation & Interaction: Simulation Systems

Dr. Guarrasi has an M.A. in Linguistics from California State University Long Beach, and a Ph.D. in Communication from University of California San Diego.