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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Course Prerequisites

COMM 10 is the prerequisite for COMM 100A, COMM 100B, COMM 100C. COMM 10 may be taken concurrently with COMM 100A, 100B, or 100C.

To take Intermediate Electives (courses numbered 101 – 119), students must complete COMM 10 or be taking COMM 10 at the same time.

To take Advanced Electives (courses numbered 120 – 180) students must complete COMM 10 and at least one COMM 100 (A, B or C)

For production courses (COMM 101D, 101E, 101K, 101M, 101N), students must complete COMM 101 or be taking COMM 101 concurrently.

Please review the Course Catalog to view prerequisites.

I want to enroll in COMM 10 and a COMM Intermediate Elective. How can I do that?

Students can enroll in COMM 10 and a COMM Intermediate Elective at the same time. 

Please follow these instructions on how to do so:

  • Check to see when your enrollment day and time is.
  • On your enrollment day and time, enroll and add in COMM 10 (WAITLISTED IS NOT ENROLLED).
    • If you are waitlisted in COMM 10, please do not proceed to the next step. Please wait to see if you will get off the waitlist for COMM 10. Students who are already enrolled in the course may drop from now until FA 18, Week 2 Thursday. Please be patient in the process and begin to enroll in backup courses (ex: remaining college requirement courses, courses of interest to you outside of the department, potential minor courses).
  • Once you have been added to COMM 10, submit your pre-authorization request online for the COMM Intermediate Elective course (COMM 101 - 119).
    • Please write in the justification section: I am added in COMM 10 and would like to take [COMM Intermediate Elective course #] at the same time. Students do not need to submit any attachments.
  • Your request will be routed to to the Undergraduate Advisor for review.
  • Once you have received approval, please go back to WebReg and enroll in the COMM Intermediate Elective course.

The Advising Office will not be accepting pre-authorization requests via email and VAC.

I want to enroll in a COMM course but WebReg is not allowing me. I am certain that I meet the prerequisite(s) for the course. What do I do?

First, make sure that you do indeed meet the prerequisite of the course by checking the Course Catalog online. 

If you do meet the prerequisite(s) for the course, please sumit a pre-authorization request online. An advisor will review your request for approval or denial. You will be notified with a decision via email. If approved, please make sure to go back into WebReg to enroll in the course.

Can I take a class as P/NP?

No. All courses must be taken for a letter grade with the exception of COMM 193, 198, and 199 which are automatically taken for Pass/No Pass. 

An exception was made during Spring 2020 for up to 3 Communication courses to be taken as Pass/No Pass. This is the only quarter that this was allowed.

What are my chances of getting into a course if I am on the waitlist?

Unfortunately, there is no way for the department to know your chances of getting into a class. It is highly recommended that you enroll in a back up course in case you are not added.

Can I take COMM 10 at a community college or another four year institution?

No. The department does not accept any course equivalencies for COMM 10 because it must be taken at UCSD.

Do courses taken abroad count toward the COMM major?

Students can petition up to 2 study abroad courses toward the major as COMM Intermediate Electives. Each course must be at least 4 units, UC transferable, upper division, and be taken for a letter grade.

Before departing to study abroad, COMM students are highly encouraged to provide a course description of the course(s) or sample course syllabus they are hoping to have count towards their COMM Intermediate Elective. Students can submit the course description or sample course syllabus to The Undergraduate Advisor will forward the course description to the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor to review for pre-approval. Students will be notified via VAC. 

If your course(s) pre-approves, please note that pre-approval is conditional based on earning a passing grade. Once the student has completed the study abroad trip and has the course grade posted on their Academic History, the student must submit an Undergraduate Student Petition along with the course syllabus for final approval to or MCC 124B. The Undergraduate Advisor will reflect the change on the student's degree audit and will notify the student via VAC.

Note: Students minoring in COMM cannot petition any study abroad courses and courses taken outside of the department (including COMM 198 and 199) to satisfy any minor requirements.

Where do I find my instructor's and/or TA's office hours?

  • On the class syllabus
  • Posted in the Undergraduate Lounge (MCC 122A)

Where can I find my final from the previous semester?

In the Undergraduate Lounge, MCC 122A.

How do I contest a grade?

Contact the instructor and write up your argument why you think your grade should be reviewed.

I have a complaint about a professor. What do I do?

You may contact Brian Goldfarb, Department Chair at

If I have an emergency and cannot attend class, what do I do?

Email or call the instructor to notify them of your absence as soon as possible. Class attendance is part of the grade in some Communication classes. With cell phone and email availability, excuses of “I was unable to contact the professor or department” will not be accepted. 

How do I know if my course is being offered online?

As of fall 2021 courses may be offered in-person or online. Online courses will be listed as “RCLAS” instead of a building and room.