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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am a newly admitted COMM student (first year or transfer). Where can I get information about the courses I should enroll in during my first quarter at UCSD?

Your College Advising Office will provide you with New Student Orientation and access to the New Triton Advising website. There you will receive detailed enrollment information and guidance for the coming Fall Quarter. 

In the meantime:

First year students are invited to review the Communication Department's Information for Newly Admitted First-Year Students webpage. 

Incoming transfer students are invited to review the Communication Department's Information for Newly Admitted Transfer Students webpage.

Course Prerequisites

Please review the Course Catalog to review course prerequisites.

To enroll in COMM 100A, COMM 100B, COMM 100C or any Intermediate Elective (numbered 101 – 119), students must complete COMM 10 or be enrolled in COMM 10 at the same time.

To enroll in an Advanced Elective (numbered 120 – 189), students must have completed COMM 10 and at least one COMM 100 (A, B, or C)

To enroll in a production course (COMM 101D, 101E, 101K, 101M, 101N), students must complete COMM 101 or be enrolled in COMM 101 at the same time.


I want to enroll in COMM 10 and COMM 100 and/or a COMM Intermediate Elective. How can I do that?

Once enrolled in COMM 10, students may enroll in COMM 100 A, B, or C and/or a COMM Intermediate Elective (numbered 101 - 119) at the same time. 

Please follow these instructions:

  • Check to see when your enrollment day and time is.
  • On your enrollment day and time, enroll in COMM 10.
    • If you are waitlisted in COMM 10, do not proceed to the next step. Instead, wait to see if you will get in the course off of the waitlist. Please be patient in this process. In the meantime, enroll in backup courses (e.g., remaining college requirements, courses of interest to you outside of the department, potential minor courses).
  • Once you are enrolled in COMM 10, submit your EASy pre-authorization request.
    • Please write in the justification section: "I am enrolled in COMM 10 and would like to enroll in [course #] at the same time."
    • You do not need to submit any attachments.
  • Your request will be routed to to the Undergraduate Advisor for review.
  • Once you have received approval, go back to WebReg and enroll in the approved course.


I want to enroll in a COMM course but WebReg is not allowing me. I am certain that I meet the prerequisite(s) for the course. What do I do?

First, make sure that you do indeed meet the prerequisite of the course by checking the Course Catalog

If you do meet the prerequisite(s) for the course, please sumit an EASy pre-authorization request. An advisor will review your request and you will be notified with a decision via email.

If approved, go back to WebReg and enroll in the approved course.

May I take a COMM class with grading basis P/NP for the major or minor?

No. All courses for the COMM major and minor must be taken for a letter grade (with the exception of COMM 193, 198, and 199 which are automatically graded Pass/No Pass). 

(An exception was made during Spring 2020, when a maximum of 3 COMM courses would be accepted with the grade "P".)

What are my chances of getting into a course if I am on the waitlist?

Unfortunately, there is no way for the department to know your chances of getting into a class. It is highly recommended that you enroll in a back up course in case you are not able to enroll.

May I take COMM 10 at a community college?

No. The department does not accept any non-UCSD course as equivalent to COMM 10. 

May courses taken abroad count toward the COMM major?

Students may petition up to 2 study abroad courses toward the major's Intermediate Elective requirement. Each course must be at least 4 units, UC transferable, upper division, and be taken for a letter grade. 

More about the petition process may be found on the department's Academic Opportunities / Study Abroad webpage.

Note: Students may not petition study abroad courses towards the COMM minor.

Where do I find my instructor's and/or TA's office hours?

Please refer to your course's syllabus.

How may I contest a grade?

Contact the instructor and write up your argument why you think your grade should be reviewed.

If I have an emergency and cannot attend class. What do I do?

Email the instructor to notify them of your absence as soon as possible. Class attendance is part of the grade in most Communication classes. 

How do I know if my course will be offered remotely?

Courses offered via remote instruction are listed as “RCLAS” in the Schedule of Classes.